A response optimized conversational skill to listen, interact and learn mathematics. My Math teaches Numbers, Rhymes, Addition, Multiplication, Quiz and more. What’s unique about this skill? It’s the interface! A comprehensive skill with required capabilities and optimized for conversation will help the listener to clearly understand and learn. For instance, the number feature is optimized to teach numerical numbers in a way that is easy to memorize and recollect.


Voice Assisted Technology is poised to dominate product sales. Sale of Amazon echo has crossed more than 8 million as of the first quarter of 2017.


From web to mobile to voice interface, companies must innovate by adopting the new technologies early in the game. Early adopters garner market share!.


The advancement and democratization of AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT has made it affordable for all. With the advent of scalable and on-demand platforms, access to NLP technologies is just a click away.

Touch Point

Voice Assisted Technology is the new customer touch point. Customers transition to new technologies rapidly. The smartphone revolution has plateaued and now it is Voice First technologies.

We start by listening

ideas ideas
We start by listening to your ideas or needs. It is about voice interface after all. We are committed to doing it right the first time.

We add creativity

creativity creativity
Unlike traditional apps, creativity to anticipate and engage the user is the corner stone of voice interface technology.

We do rapid Development

prototype prototype
Listen to your Alexa skills in action within days not months. Our agile development framework will kick-start your skills in days.

We perform social testing

testing testing
We go beyond the norm in Quality Assurance. We engage a wide spectrum of real-time users to validate the experience.